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  2009.04.12  20.02
The Coffee Project

Last weekend, i got all my ingredients together and coffee-processed 3 test rolls. i was trying to get a good feel for the possibilities of this diy/alternative method of film processing to utilize in the project Jim & i are cooking up for May.


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  2008.03.11  17.48

This is a 35mm black & white stopmotion animation I created start to finish in 4 weeks. The film was hand-processed then physically manipulated and scanned & edited digitally. It screened for the month of February at the Picture This Gallery in Long Beach, California as part of the Love/Hate Exhibit.

-belonging naturally; essential
-(of a muscle) contained wholly within the organ on which it acts

There are many varying types of barriers that can exist between two hearts but none are as difficult to overcome has the intrinsic differences that are inherent to each.

Special Thanks
to those who made this project possible:

David Whitehead
Timothy M. Eubanks
Kathy Jackson
Christy Meaker
Mattie Gomez
Brandon Romig
Evan Shorrock
Napier Meat Processing


  2008.02.06  22.50
just in time for V.D.

image by Christy Meaker

my animation is done! Here's a sneak peak of some hand-processed goodness...

are you in Southern California? This means you should go to the show. Why? Because it is going to be a GREAT show and because i, sadly, can not go. you can tell me what i missed & how my animation looked. its called in.trin.sic



  2007.11.07  15.05
Sutro Baths - San Francisco

Visited the ruins of the Sutro Baths and was intrigued by the history and taken aback by the visual contrast of still mossy pools and the crashing ocean waves... not sure these images really do it justice. i want to return someday with a wide angle lens.

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  2007.09.28  23.17
oh the kraftwerk

Shot this awhile ago with Ryan and Charlie, way before VW madness. What a fun day. I love working with these guys...


  2007.09.12  11.23
my arch sandwich

it is really beautiful here. AND there are tidepools. 


  2007.09.05  19.52
a day at the edge of the deep green sea...

taken in san diego. i had a very zen moment laying at the edge of this cliff with the endless waves crashing below. seriously nothing like it and i had great company to share it with too...

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  2007.08.16  16.08
a boy and his blanket

recently i have been organizing all my photography from the past 2 years and have been running across images i had completely forgotten about.

this is Brandon and his special blankie. It has been with him since he was born and was created by his Grandmother.

Fun fact: This blanket is a light pink-peach color.

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  2007.08.02  09.48
summer in arkansas

while i was home i was lucky enough to get to have a photo adventuring day out on the backroads and fields of my home state. 
below are the tortured souls who braved the oppressive humidity and insect attacks for a few hours...

i often feel that the images i take while i'm at home are fairly boring and dull.  is this my response to the environment? or is it just that i fail to be inspired by something so familiar?  of this, i'm not sure.


  2007.08.02  09.31
the process

what fun can be had at work if you just try a little.

not that the image is too exciting (i just stepped outside my work and snapped this as a test shot) but the ansco 6x9 camera was loaded with a piece of photopaper, which we then ran through the print processor as a test strip.

look at these exciting and geeky variations!

paper neg


  2007.06.05  22.22
new VW Nation trailer

different trailer for the documentary i helped shoot...

didn't see the old one? here.
also check out www.vwnationmovie.com for lots of info on the film & behind the scenes stills...

The project has been so fun so far. This weekend there is some sort of VW event in Orange County i plan on helping out with. Pictures will come...


  2007.05.30  18.41
part of the San Andreas Fault

what do Radiohead, McGyver, Start Trek, and Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey have in common?


hopefully i shall be photographing August Kelly here soon.  i need an assistant for the day.  who volunteers???


  2007.05.28  10.04
the only reason i enjoy summer is i live to swim... with cameras.

so being somewhat weightless in a pool makes taking photos with a sprained ankle 100% easier!

i hope the members of lifelikepictures & Michelle had as much fun as i did.

i would like to try shooting in the pool again with more sunlight (late afternoon was giving me dicey exposures obviously) and more slide film... 

also, i'm thinking about taking prints of the images and photographing them underwater because i love the distortion water gives.  frame within a frame... oh yes.  what do you think?


  2007.05.25  12.41
cameraless animation test

so i have been trying out a new (to me) animation technique for making a cameraless (or direct on film) 35mm short. Basically in a very tedious process, i punch holes out of found footage and embed into into another piece of film, in this case clear leader. i have all sort of idea of where this could go, but here is my first test:

warnings include:
the frame is distorted (squeezed) because i am having problems with my computer & final cut pro so this was painfully constructed frame by frame in iMovie of all things and because either i or iMovie is stupid, i can't figure out why it distorted my frames...

also it is very short, only 3 seconds, so i had to watch in a few times to see what the motion was and how thing were working...


should i expand on this idea of cut-out film images? are you at all interested in seeing where this could go? or do you think it is silly and a waste of time to labor so intensely over a project of this sort?


  2007.05.05  13.46
The Getty

Last week i visited The Getty Center with the MoM Day troupe.  Much fun was had!


  2007.04.29  22.43
California's own dead sea

recently made a lengthy day trip around the Salton Sea: an (accidentally) man-made lake surrounded by abandoned structures from its brief hay-day as a resort spot, ramshackle RVs of some hardcore residents, and many many dead fish that apparently can't survive the growing salinity of the water.  this is California's largest lake and it also happens to have a higher salt content than the Pacific Ocean.

the history of this lonely place is rather interesting and soon to be featured in an upcoming documentary (with John Waters narrating?!)


  2007.04.15  21.47
Volkswagon Documentary

ryan & the westfalla in oklahoma city


  2007.04.12  15.21
Look Daggers

so i just got to see this today. i worked on electric for this music video a few months ago. i must say, for the hippdity-hop style, its not bad.

those lights were so fun. The web version doesn't do justice to the lighting. it was shot in HD and really looks beautiful.
the strangest part was the location was in the back of a bookstore a few blocks from my house. its a large open room with a stage and black dome in the ceiling.,.. not the norm for a used bookshop. i'm not sure what it is generally used for.

Look Daggers is a Long Beach band with 2Mex of Visionaries and Ikey Owens of Mars Volta. Both guys were so cool and fun to chat with. i love working on sets that are fun...


  2007.04.10  22.32
morro bay day

took a day trip to Morro Bay to shoot some S8mm footage for the Glider video i'm slowly, but surely, working on. once i ran out of film, i shot slides.  the following resulted:

self-portrait near the bay

found it very beautiful & i terribly miss all that space...


  2007.04.07  23.14

so i decided to make another random video project.  i gave myself about an hour start to finish (but my computer was being lame, so more like 2 hours total...) to make a weirdo little video.

thanks to lifelikepictures for the excerpt from the song "saturday"
(i thought it was fitting since i love the song so much i was willing to sit home on a saturday night listening to it over and over in the editing process... why you ask? well, this is me in a nutshell.)


  2007.03.21  20.31
Ghost Town in New Mexico

Back from the documentary shoot and my favorite still shots were from this abandoned town right off the I40 somewhere in New Mexico.
All thoughts are welcome. i probably should have edited some of these but eh... life moves fast.

xxx-processed slide film


  2007.03.21  20.04
The Winchester Mystery House

On the trek up north i got a chance to stop in San Jose
and tour The Winchester Mystery House

This was fun and interesting, but not so great for picture-taking.  The house can be quite dark and forget tripods!  They really rush you along and there isn't much time to compose shots or do time exposures.   Here are the only shots i managed to snatch:


  2007.03.21  20.00
more golden gate bridge

just a few from my 35mm. personally i like my Holga shots more. -see last post-

again x-processed reversal


  2007.03.01  21.51
first trip to San Francisco

i'm a huge fan of Northern California...
just wish i had taken even more photos!

+++Collapse ) x-processed slide film


  2007.02.26  08.25
out of nowhere!

3 career related updates:

* finally, my credit for costume designer was added to the iMDB from my internship in 2004. jessuss... that took forever.

* Beat The Air, the feature film i DP'ed was accepted to the Pumelo International Film Festival in Mumbai, India ( formerly Bombay). it will be screening March 5-8 and 12-15.  Although a small festival, i am excited by the idea of having an international audience for something i shot.

* March 6-20 i will be traveling in a RV with 5 people i do not know acting as B camera operator for a documentary on VW culture. We will be shooting with the Panasonic HVX, a favorite for the digital in me, and this out-of-the-blue opportunity has me nervous but eager....  i leave in six days!!!


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